Rent a Car Lahore To Multan

Rent a Car Lahore To Multan

Are you planning to travel from Lahore to Multan and looking for intercity car services? No Problem! At Sher Brothers, you can rent a car from Lahore to Multan or take a one-way drop or round trip with a driver. Whether travelling for business, a wedding, or any other purpose, Choosing a Sher Brothers car rental service with inclusive and accessible options can enhance your trip.

rent a Car Lahore to multan for a one-way drop-off and round trip. we provide safe and easy car rental services. we provide latest model cars. 24/7 service. with fuel prices

Lahore to Multan One-Way Rent-a-Car Prices

Vehicle TypeRentRoute
Toyota Corolla17,000/-Via Motorway
Toyota Yaris17,000/-Via Motorway
Honda City17,000/-Via Motorway
Honda Civic22,000/-Via Motorway
Honda BR-V22,000/-Via Motorway
Changan Karwan20,000/-Via Motorway
Hiace Grand cabin45,000/-Via Motorway
Coaster Bus65,000/-Via Motorway

*Note: The listed rent-a-car from Lahore to Multan rates include all expenses (fuel, toll). The estimated duration of travel from departure to arrival is 5 hours.

Intercity car Service Rates for a Round-Trip

Vehicle TypeRentRoute
Toyota Corolla30,000/-Via Motorway
Toyota Yaris30,000/-Via Motorway
Honda City30,000/-Via Motorway
Honda Civic37,000/-Via Motorway
Honda BR-V37,000/-Via Motorway
Changan Karwan34,000/-Via Motorway
Hiace Grand Cabin70,000/-Via Motorway
Coaster Bus90,000/-Via Motorway

*Note: The listed rent-a-car from Lahore to Multan rates include all expenses (fuel, toll). However, you can also hire a car without fuel and toll costs. You will have to return to Lahore from Multan on the same date otherwise we will charge you extra accordingly.

How to Book a Car from Lahore to Multan for a One-Way Drop-Off?

Suppose you have decided to travel from Lahore to Multan using a private car service and want to confirm your booking with us. In that case, you will have to provide some information. First, you will confirm the car type, and second, you will confirm the time and date of your travel. Moreover, you will provide us with the pickup location and a photo of your ID card. After these steps, we will share the car photo, registration number and driver’s contact details. And Voila, your booking is confirmed.

Safety First Always

Your safety is our main priority at She Brothers Rent a Car. All of our vehicles undergo extensive maintenance tests to ensure optimal road performance. Our skilled drivers prioritise passenger safety so that you can relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any advance payment for booking?

No, there isn’t any advance payment for booking. you will pay the driver or bank transfer after reaching your drop-off location.

Can we cancel the booking at any time?

Yes, you can cancel the booking.

Can we book an intercity car by phone call?

yes, you can make a reservation just by calling us.

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