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Rent a car from Sher Brothers Car Rental in Lahore  Pakistan because we offer the best car rental services at the most affordable prices. You must get a car from a reputable rental car company in Pakistan, which is difficult to come by these days.

Sher Brothers Rent a Car in Pakistan is the best and most well-known car rental company. Our car hire services are available in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Karachi. Our rent a car has been a registered car rental firm with the Pakistani government since 2007.

We have a large fleet of both luxury and budget rental cars. We have Limousines, SUVs, Sedan cars, and Hatchbacks in our rental car collection.

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Car Rental in Pakistan

Car Rental in Pakistan is the oldest industry both globally and in Pakistan. It’s likely that you’ve had to rent a car at some point in your life, whether because you were visiting a strange city, were a foreigner, or simply needed a replacement for your car.

This entire process was handled manually in the past. Everything, including payments and paperwork, was done manually, but as the world became more digital, some car rental companies in Pakistan began to use online services. But because of the shortcomings of agencies and middlemen, there is still a gap in online rental car services.

Online Rent a Car Service in Pakistan

 Sher Brothers have introduced an online rent a car service in Pakistan to make the process simple. This service is currently available in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Karachi, and Faisalabad and soon the whole of Pakistan will be covered. Online rent-a-car service is provided by Sher Brothers both inside and outside of the city. Consequently, it will be practical for you even if you are considering a trip outside of your city.

Rent a Luxury and Budget Cars

Rent a car in Pakistan offers a wide range of luxury and budget cars for rent. Hire a vehicle that meets all of your requirements within your budget.

Get exclusive offers and discounts on weekly and monthly car rentals in Lahore. Whether you need to hire a car in Lahore Pakistan for a few hours, a whole day, or a long trip, here you’ll find the best rental car to meet your needs.

Car hire in Lahore Pakistan has divided its fleet into categories to make it easier for you to get the right vehicle for your needs. We offer budget cars, luxury cars, SUVs, limousines, transportation vehicles as well as transportation vehicles, and intercity car service. Whether it’s a Wedding Event, Tour, or Travel, we have you covered.

Rent a Car Prices With Driver in Pakistan

Sher Brothers Rent a Car in Pakistan has the best rental car prices with a driver in Pakistan. You can, however, compare our rental car prices to those of other car rental companies.


Toyota Corolla PKR4000
Honda Civic PKR6000
Suzuki Wagon R PKR3000
Suzuki CultusPKR3500
Honda BRVPKR6000
Suzuki APVPKR6000
Toyota Hiace Grand CabinPKR10000
Kia SportagePKR10000
Coaster BusPKR16000
Toyota FortunerPKR14000
Toyota PradoPKR16000
Toyota Landcruiser  V8PKR26000
Toyota RevoPKR12000
Audi A6 PKR30000

These vehicles can be rented in Pakistan with a driver for a day, a month, for wedding events, tours, or any other type of travel.

Note: The above-mentioned Pakistan car rental rates do not include fuel or tolls. If you wish to travel outside of Lahore City, your rent will increase.

 Intercity Car service is a cheap and quick way to travel all across Pakistan. Such services can be provided from Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Karachi. We provide (one-way) and (two-way) drop-off from one city to another in Pakistan.

Now you don’t need to wait for hours at the bus station for going to any of the Pakistan cities.

All you have to do is fill the booking form or pick up the phone and call us now. We will deliver the intercity car service to your doorsteps. The intercity Car will pick you and drop you off at your desired location in any city of Pakistan. Intercity car service will be less expensive and quick for you to reach your destination without any hassle.

Following is the intercity car service rates & duration list of some of the Pakistan Cities.

Intercity Car Service from Lahore to Other Cities of Pakistan

IslamabadPKR140004 hr 11 min (375 km)
via M-2
 IslamabadPKR120005 hr 52 min (307 km)
via Grand Trunk Rd/National Hwy 5/AH2
 PeshawarPKR190005 hr 43 min (518 km)
via M-2 and Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway/AH1/M-1
 FaisalabadPKR120002 hr 09 min (179 km)
via M-2
SialkotPKR100002 hr 06 min (138 km)
via Motorway M-11
 MultanPKR130003 hr 30 min (336 km)
via Lahore – Abdul Hakeem Motorway/M-3
 GujranwalaPKR85001 hr 52 min (102 km)
via M-2 and GT Rd/National Hwy 5/AH2
 KarachiPKR3500014 hr 03 min (1208 km)
via Sukkur – Multan Motorway/M-5
 SahiwalPKR100002 hr 54 min (158 km)
via National Hwy 5/AH2
 Rahim Yar KhanPKR200006 hr 10 min (587 km)
via Lahore – Abdul Hakeem Motorway/M-3 and Sukkur – Multan Motorway/M-5
 BahawalpurPKR160005 hr 07 min (427 km)
via Lahore – Abdul Hakeem Motorway/M-3
 JhangPKR130003 hr 07 min (263 km)
via M-2 and M-4
 QuettaPKR3200013 hr 27 min (972 km)
via N-70
 SukkurPKR250007 hr 46 min (755 km)
via Lahore – Abdul Hakeem Motorway/M-3 and Sukkur – Multan Motorway/M-5
 MurerePKR180005 hr 45 min (435 km)

Note: Above mentioned intercity car service rates only apply to Toyota Corolla and Toyota Yaris (Including Fuel and Tolls). Idling Ac is not allowed for more than 10 Minutes.

To explore intercity car service rates for other vehicles kindly visit our fleet for details. 

Hourly Car Hire in Pakistan

Sher Brothers rent a car in Pakistan provides hourly car hire at the cheapest rates.

Toyota Corolla will cost you PKR3000 for an hour within city.

Suzuki Wagon R will cost you PKR2500 for an hour within city.

Note: In hourly car hire you will be allowed to drive the car a maximum of 45 km/per hour and idling A/c is not allowed for more than 10 minutes otherwise you will be charged accordingly.

Rent a Limousine

 Rent a Limousine in Lahore Pakistan from Sher Brothers. Hiring a car from any car rental in Pakistan is a simple thing but hiring a limousine service in Lahore is different because there are only 2 or 3 car rental companies in Lahore that provide such services.

 A limousine car can be expensive but if you rent a limo from us it will be much cheaper than others. So if you desire a Luxury rental Limo for your wedding event or birthday party in Lahore, contact us. 

Below is the list of our rental Limousine available for rent in Lahore :

Note: Above mentioned Limousines and their rates are for the function not for the full day.

Here is a Tip, if you make a booking  3 months before the event it’ll be cheaper. To make any decision you should visit our office, and watch our limousines.

Rent a Tour vehicles

Rent a Tour Vehicle in Pakistan, if you are scheduling a tour of the Northern areas. We’ve been providing tour vehicles since 2007.

Whether you are going with family or friends we will provide you not only a car for hire with a driver even they are also tourist guides for free who know the areas and places to go. You can book your desired car for rent in Lahore or Islamabad at any time. For more information call us or visit our offices in Lahore and Islamabad.

For more details read Rent a Tour vehicle


Rent a Car Rates for Tours

Above mentioned car rental rates are excluded ( Fuel and Tolls). Driver’s accommodation and food will be the client’s responsibility.

Bus & Coaster For Rent in Lahore Pakistan

Sher Brothers rent a car provides Bus & Coaster for rent in Pakistan. Bus & Coaster are to facilitate a large group to travel. The Bus has a sitting capacity of 45 people and the coaster has a sitting capacity of 28 people. Book now for your wedding event, traveling, or tours. We have all king of luxury and economical buses and coasters Like, Daewoo, Yutong, Hino. if you want to see our buses and coaster please visit our office.

Chauffuer - drive

A chauffeur – Drive is when someone is employed to look after the needs of the passenger as well as he drives the hired car. Rent a car driver is a skilled, and professional, equipped with all the necessary Licences.

Sher Brothers rent a car Team, give a special training to its drivers, so they can provide the best services to customers.

Airport Car Rental

Sher Brothers provide airport car rental services in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Karachi, and Sialkot. We kept it very simple to book an airport car rental. All you have to do is to call us and give us the flight details and our driver will be waiting for you at the airport

Car rental reserve few cars in ready position at the airport in case of any customer forget to make car rental booking. we are available 24/7 online and on-call.

Sher Brothers Rent a Car Services

Why You Should Hire a car from Us?

We are giving our best to serve our customers in better ways because we are the best in the rent-a-car business in Lahore. we hired a professional Staff. To make our customers Travel comfortable we keep our vehicles clean and our driver wears neat & clean uniforms.

We have our mechanical workshop to maintain our vehicles for the safety of our clients. Our professional mechanics inspect the vehicle once a week to avoid any kind of unpleasant incident.

The Company owns more than 70 rental cars which all are 2020 to 2022 Models Latest cars because being in the rent-a-car business we have to give our clients the luxury and comfort. 

We have a complaint center which works 24/7 to improve our services. in the past 15 years, we improved our company business by experiencing and solving the client issues on the spot. We encourage our clients to complain if anything makes them uncomfortable during their travel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the best rent a car service provider in Lahore?

    Sher Brothers car rental is the best rent a car Service provider in Lahore Pakistan.

  • What is the rent per day of Toyota Prado in Lahore?

    Sher Btothers rent a car offer Toyota Prado on rent for a day in just PKR14000

  • Which is the reliable car rental service provider in Lahore city?

    In Lahore, there are numerous car rental companies to choose from, but only a handful of them can be trusted. Among them are Sher Brothers, Royal Rent a Car, and Shahroz Rent a Car.

  • Is it safe for families to travel in a car rented from a rental company?

    Well, if you rent a car from a reputable car rental company, you are in good hands. Customers' safety is ensured by Sher Brothers car rental.

  • How much does it cost to travel from Lahore to Islamabad using intercity car service?

    Our intercity car service will cost you PKR14000 to travel from Lahore to Islamabad.

  • What is the rent per day of Limousine?

    Limousine rent Starts PKR 60000 to PKR 150000 within Lahore City.

  • How much does it cost to rent a coaster?

    If you rent a coaster within Lahore city, it will cost PKR10000, but if you rent a coaster outside of Lahore city, the cost will vary.

  • What is the monthly rent of Toyota Corolla?

    It will cost PKR 110000  to rent a Toyota Corolla with a driver for a month. 

How to book a car for rent in Lahore

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Our all Vehicles are with drivers for rent in Lahore. We do not Rent a car without drivers.


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