Car Rental Agreement

Rent a car terms and conditions for car rental agreement. Please carefully read the following terms before booking your vehicle. Placing an order means you have read, understood, and agreed to our rental terms and conditions.

Terms of use

  1. 100% payment in advance.
  2. All prices and rates given on the website are nets of tax.
  3. Add 16% service tax and 2% income tax to all prices and rates mentioned on the website.
  4. Copy of I.D Card/Passport.
  5. Fuel top-up/mileage shall be determined from our base station i.e., starting from base and back to base. The customer shall return the full fuel tank daily at the day’s end.
  6. Deviations are not allowed in route or travel plans once the deal is completed. However, changes can be made 18 hours prior to delivery of the vehicle.
  7. Sher Brother Pakistan offers only chauffeur-driven services on rent. The customer is not allowed to drive the vehicle in any case.
  8. The vehicle shall not be used to carry more passengers than the registered capacity of the vehicle.
  9. Do not use the vehicle on rent for any illegal purpose.
  10. Do not carry passengers or luggage in excess of the rated weight-carrying capacity of the vehicle.
  11. Extra charges associated with your rental include the basic rent of the vehicle, applicable airport fees, taxes, other government-imposed fees, parking, and toll taxes.
  12. If applicable, a fee for cleaning the car’s interior, upon return, for excessive stains, or dirt. The vehicle must be returned in the same state as received.
  13. Local use rentals are on an 11-hour basis.
  14. Rental timing is up to 12:00 a.m. After 12:00 AM the next day shall be charged OR Hourly charges will apply after 11 hours of local use and 23 hours of outstation traveling at Rs.300 per hour for Cars and Rs.1000 for SUVs, Vans, and Coasters. Late return charges apply after 15 minutes. If the vehicle is late for more than 3 hours an extra full day rent is charged.
  15. In case the customer decides to end the 2-way rental at an outstation without coming back to Lahore, return fuel and tolls shall be charged. Also, the car has to be freed at such a time that it reaches back to Lahore earlier than 12:00 AM. Otherwise, overtime shall also be charged per hour.
  16. In the case of outstation rentals, the rental shall be closed on return to Lahore even if 24 hours are not completed. The driver is not considered physically fit to drive within the city after a long highway drive.
  17. Daily rental ends even if the car is returned/closed before 11 hours of operation.
  18. A driver allowance of Rs.1000 may be applicable on special days such as EID and national holidays.
  19. A penalty of 30% of the total rental amount shall be charged in case of cancellation.
  20. An early notice of 18 hours is required for extension/shortening in your rental if you plan to return the vehicle later/earlier than the specified period. The original rate of rental per day may change in case of failure.
  21. In the case of monthly car rentals where traveling equals 3000km, the customer shall pay for oil change, oil filter and air cleaner element.
  22. Monthly rentals are on 6 days a week basis.
  23. Monthly rates given on the website are for Lahore use only. A maximum of 7 days outstation traveling is allowed at given rates.
  24. After 7 days of outstation traveling, an extra cost shall be applicable per day.
  25. Cancellation/termination of monthly rental requires 7 days notice.
  26. In case of early termination of a multiple day rental, full payment for one day shall be charged along with fuel and driver charges.
  27. In case of night stay (out-station) driver accommodation charges per day are Rs.1000 or the customer can provide the same without any charge. Driver meals per day charges are Rs.500 or arranged by customer.
  28. Challans by highway authorities regarding route permits other than Lahore-Islamabad motorway area such as Murree, Muzaffarabad,  Mardan, Swat, Kaghan, Naran, Gilgit etc. shall be responsibility of the customer.
  29. We do not send vehicles to Shogran, Skardu, Thandiani, Toli Peer etc where driving conditions are extremely dangerous.
  30. Do not leave your valuables (mobile phones, cameras, wallets, cash etc.) with the driver or in the vehicle. The company shall not be responsible in case of any damage or theft.
  31. The company does not allow the drivers to carry/handle goods, luggage other than loading and unloading. Please make sure that the luggage/goods are loaded/unloaded in your presence as to avoid theft or misplacement.
  32. The company may change proposed vehicle or driver at any time without any prior notice and send an alternate in case of technical issues.
  33. The company is not bound to provide backup vehicles in case of mechanical failure or accidents. However, if the customer agrees to pay for fuel and toll taxes an alternate vehicle may be provided if available.
  34. In case of engine failure or any other mechanical problem if the customer releases the vehicle and does not want to continue, full day rental is charged along with fuel and tolls for return to our base in Lahore.
  35. In case of any accidents, engine failures or mishaps, the company shall not be responsible.
  36. The company shall not be responsible in case of any delays resulting from misunderstanding, miscommunication, vehicle problems, driver issues etc whatsoever. However, backup may be provided within 2-3 hours depending on availability. No compensation of any kind shall be given.
  37. The customer has to provide only one contact person for reporting/dealing/managing activities of vehicles/drivers.
  38. The company does not allow any type of luggage, equipment etc. to be placed inside the vehicles or on seats in any condition whatsoever. All luggage/equipment must be placed in the trunk or on roof top.
  39. The company shall not be held responsible for any damages to the luggage or equipment etc. during traveling. Please do not load sensitive, delicate, fragile or expensive items in the vehicles without proper safety packing.
  40. Any material(s)s that may appear to damage the vehicles shall not be allowed.
  41. Smoking is not permitted in any vehicle regardless of the presence of a sticker.
  42. A fee of Rs.1000 may be charged from customers smoking inside a vehicle to cover up for the cleaning expenses.
  43. The company does not allow carrying smuggled items, weapons, drugs, alcohol, alcoholic beverages or similar drugs etc.
  44. Any person intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused service.
  45. In case the vehicle is used in dangerous areas or for any illegal activity all security/legal matters regarding safety of car and driver shall be the sole responsibility of the customer. In case of any problems or issues the customer shall be bound to handle and clear such issues at his own cost.
  46. The company reserves the right at any time after receipt/confirmation of your booking to accept or decline your order. Prices of all services are subject to change at any time. Sher Brother Pakistanshall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the service.
  47. Do not call/deal with drivers for reservations/inquires. Always call directly to Sher Brother Pakistan for inquires/bookings.

Driver Responsibilities & duties

No Smoking Policy

Every renter deserves a clean and fresh-smelling car.

  1. Smoking is not permitted in any Sher Brother Pakistan vehicle regardless of the presence of a sticker.
  2. Sher Brother Pakistan makes great efforts to maintain a Smoke-Free Fleet. We ask all customers to refrain from smoking to ensure clean and fresh atmosphere inside the vehicle.
  3. Sher Brother Pakistan is committed to providing a safe, clean fleet for our customers. In order to better deliver on this commitment, all vehicles are non-smoking.
  4. De-smoking requires a vehicle on standby for up to 24 hours to properly remove the unwanted bad smell with chemical treatment.
  5. A fee of Rs.1000 may be charged from customers smoking inside a vehicle to cover up for the cleaning expenses.
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